When it comes time to replace that old heating, ventilating and air conditioning system in your place of business, making a point to choose the right commercial hvac contractor for the job is as important as the system itself. Start your research ahead of time if you begin to notice the system going south. Ask questions and prepare a list of contractors best suited for the job. These days, there are a variety of resources available to consumers to help them find a qualified contractor. In this article, we will walk you through the process involved in acquiring a professional service specialist.


Step 1
Get in touch with a variety of contractors in order to obtain a few different estimates. In addition to the price of service, find out information regarding product service and warranty information. You’ll want to place a good focus on the quality of the work being performed, as quality will generally equal enhanced system performance and functionality, thus providing you with a savings over time.

Step 2
Make sure to ask and verify that the contractor’s liability insurance, state license and workers’ comp is current and valid. Insurance that is not adequate can pose serious issues in cases where a worker is hurt on your property.

Step 3
Find out the experience level of the commercial hvac contractor and the amount of time the company has been in business. Make sure that the contractor holds a physical office in your area and is able to provide you with a contact number that leads to a landline. Having only a cell number is unacceptable for a business.

Step 4
Obtain a list of recent clients from the Commercial HVAC Telford. Once you have a list in hand, call up these references to find out information about their experience with the contractor. Ask whether they were satisfied with the work that was performed, whether they had any concerns and whether they would use the contractor again.

Step 5
Contact your state licensing board to find out whether any recent complaints have been filed against the contractor. You can also check out the company history by paying a quick visit to the Better Business Bureau website. If your contractor is not a member of the BBB, then you may want to pass on hiring them for the job.

Step 6
Make sure to find out whether the technicians working for the company are experienced and certified.

Step 7
Verify that the commercial hvac contractor is currently using the latest design procedures, technology and equipment advancements in HVAC systems.

Step 8
Once you’ve decided on a contractor, ask them for a written contract and a plan detailing the installation. This should include the start and end dates, labor costs, the equipment expenses and anything else that will play a part in the overall cost of the project at hand.

Step 9
Keep an eye on the contractor while they work. While you need not be there the entire time, it’s important to make sure that the job site is clean and the work is being performed properly.